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In the heart of authentic and wild Tuscany, let yourself be enveloped by the relaxation and adventure of exciting outdoor activities. Oasy Hotel is a new concept of environmental protection devoted to a sustainable and exclusive welcome.

An authentic haven of peace

An oasis in nature, within a WWF reserve. The backdrop to the lodges and hotel facilities isa beneficial atmospherethat permeates the 1,000 hectares that have always been managed as a model of environmental sustainability and social responsibility at a national level.

The area is dominated by beautiful forests, a refuge for many species of fauna and flora. The biodiversity of this area celebrates an intact ecosystem as a sanctuary. The many activities in the WWF reserve maintain this spirit of connection between man and the beauty that surrounds him..

The wealth of trails to explore with the rangers gives you the opportunity to observe rare plants, ancient trees and wild animals, while getting in tune with the rhythm of the forest. The tours proposed by Oasy Hotel take you into the mystery and silence of the woods, to recharge your batteries with positive energy, in the footsteps of foxes and deer. Tell us about your desire to breathe a sigh of relief from the daily hustle and bustle, and we will take you for a break from your worries by walking in the footsteps of the wolf, or on some of the cultural tours to get to know the area around the property..

A special opportunity for contemplation

Full contact with nature is the strength of a holiday characterised by outdoor activities in a WWF reserve. Oasy Hotel is the first hotel in Italyto open the doors to an exclusive tourism so close to the precious habitat of animal and plant species protected by a reserve. Even the guest becomes part of this design of harmony with his surroundings. 

Enjoy one of the experiences rich in emotion: dive into the blue of the private lake San Vito, following the “blue path” to approach the waters in a kayak or on a SUP board, testing your balance. Or get out of the water and onto a horse for a ride to endless horizons and rolling hills. There are opportunities to stimulate your mind and body by experiencing the benefits of Forest Therapy in a unique setting.

But if you just want to relax, you have found paradise. You can indulge in moments of pure contemplation wherever you are in the area, sip herbal tea on the veranda of your lodge and simply enjoy immense relaxation.

Professionalism is empathy

An essential style blends delicately into the setting of the WWF reserve. The wood and glass of the lodges carefully guard the living spaces, modelling themselves on the landscape with evocative impact. You will find refuge to listen to yourself and the tranquillity you deserve, and our staff will be at your disposal to facilitate your every need. 

The Concierge who will be waiting for you on arrival will prepare your stay to facilitate moments of constant peace and relaxation, offering you only activities and services that will give you the energy you are looking for, surrounded by the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Each member of our staff is in line with one of our fundamental principles: empathy. Convivial moments can be experienced in the communal areas, where a fireplace and a bookcase await you, a cinema room also prepared for meetings and comfortable sofas where you can exchange impressions and chats. But we cherish the magic of a cosy atmosphere and we make sure that it never dies out, preserving every place from noise and confusion. 

A show in every season

Each season brings with it a different and equally breathtaking spectacle. During spring you can see green fields and expanses of freshly bloomed flowers. The mornings are warm and during the day the temperatures rise slightly to a mild and pleasant climate. The melting snow creates torrents of fresh water and makes the waters of Lake San Vito rise. It is the ideal season for observing wildlife..

Summer lends itself to enjoying the long hours of light that lengthen the days and colour the sunsets bright red, the nights are warmer than in spring, but retain the coolness of a medium altitude and the possibility of observing wonderful starry skies.

Autumn is the apotheosis of foliage, the perfect time of year when the warmest hues come together to paint unforgettable scenes of forests turning from yellow to orange, and welcoming the emergence of mushrooms and vegetation more resistant to low temperatures. Forest lovers in this season can count on a higher probability of encountering wolves and deer. While in winter the snow can play the leading role and whiten the scenery, transforming everything it covers into an enchantment and giving great joy to those who love snow. At Oasy Hotel every season is a wonder.

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