Biodiversity conservation

Oasy Hotel is the heart of a unique biodiversity conservation project. We are part of a long history of respect for the environment that has characterised this area of Tuscany for decades. The lands where the Oasyreside are within the affiliated reserve WWF of Limestre, and are the suggestive location of other environmental and social initiatives of great importance for the protection of the balance between man and environment.

The importance of biodiversity: fauna

A paradise that rises in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in San Marcello Piteglio. From a naturalistic point of view, this area represents an optimal model of management and development. The Oasy is enclosed in 1000 hectares of woods, hills, fields and pastures that lie between 700 and 1100 metres above sea level, where the air is clear and the atmosphere tempers body and mind with sweet tranquillity.

Man has always coexisted with the other inhabitants of this area: wild animals and endangered species that find their perfect home here. In any season, you can walk the paths around the facilities and try to spot roe deer, mouflon, deer and fallow deer. Your attentive eye may also encounter smaller species: squirrels, porcupines and dormice are part of the large family that inhabits this ecosystem, along with foxes and weasels. But it could be the wolf, the undisputed prince of these woods, who will capture your attention with his intense gaze and proud bearing. The Apennine wolf has recently returned to the wild and can be seen on ranger-guided wild tours.

The lodges are immersed in this context: thousands of hectares of woods and sumptuous pastures, a green setting that infuses your stay with peace and good energy. But the skies are also the backdrop to a constant spectacle. It is not unusual to catch a glimpse of birds of prey: goshawks, buzzards, hawks and even golden eagles, or to catch a glimpse of hoopoes, woodpeckers and other birds among the tree trunks.

Environmental protection: flora

Oasy Hotel is a valuable example of the cross-cutting protection of biodiversity. This aim is rooted in the history of recent decades. The environmental protection of the area has always been developed in synergy with the local communities, promoting sustainable agriculture and the inclusion of entrepreneurial projects with social aims. From the neighbouring farm, Oasi Dynamo, a type of agriculture and breeding particularly attentive to the concept of sustainability is carried out, as well as scientific research with the aim of providing increasingly innovative answers to environmental issues. Oasi Dynamo’s profits are reinvested in conservation projects, according to a business model with a social purpose promoted by the Dynamo Foundation.

The natural landscape seems to weave a harmonious mosaic of colours and scenery. In the lower areas, the woods stand out, where many trees live together: oaks, hornbeams, chestnuts, cherry trees, maples and alders. The vegetation changes with altitude, and in the higher areas it is mainly beech and coniferous forests that cover the mountainsides.

This area of the Apennines is a natural work of art, its shades of colour changing with the seasons. In spring it is a riot of flowers and life blossoming in every branch, while in autumn the warm tones of foliage will enchant you at first glance.
You can observe all the nature around the Oasy Hotel while riding the e-bike provided to you at the entrance, during the many leisure experiences or while savouring the dishes in one of our restaurants. At any other time, directly from the terrace or the window of your lodge, you can contemplate the splendour of this part of Italy in complete relaxation.

Environmental protection and sustainable tourism

For us, every guest is part of a profound experience of luxury and sustainability at the same time. How can the ultimate in exclusivity promote sustainable tourism and go hand in hand with the preservation of biodiversity? Only by adhering to a well-defined and precise vision of protecting every aspect of the ecosystem.

The elegant and essential tourism that you can experience during your stay is nourished by the excellence of a quality service, but above all by the values that the project embodies.

The materials used to build the structures exude the warmth and authenticity of nature, the activities proposed are carried out in balance with your needs and those of the planet, the staff and all the personnel are trained and prepared to work while reducing the environmental impact to a minimum. Every detail is thought out to maintain and develop an ecosystem, leaving a light and delicate footprint, a contribution to long-term enhancement.

At the end of your holiday, after the many alternative experiences you will have had, you will really know what ecotourism means, because you yourself will have contributed to the realisation of a concrete and virtuous example of it.

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