Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

Oasy hotel is a natural enchantment based on the principles of ecotourism where luxury is a sun shimmering on the waters of a tranquil lake or a wolf glimpsed through the trees of the forest. The elegance of nature can be breathed in and out of the structures, in an exclusive location: the WWF-affiliated reserve of Limestre where 18 lodges are situated.

A sustainable holiday

We have created a unique vision: a sustainable and responsible tourism project in which essential elegance finds its place. Your stay at Oasy Hotel will be a light-hearted dream come true. A holiday that smells of musk and spring flowers, moments of peace inspired by a silent and prosperous ecosystem.

You will be able to indulge in well-being and outdoor experiences living each day in respect of a holistic vision of balance with the surrounding environment.

The spacious lodges where you will stay are equipped with all the comforts of luxury hotels, and every detail of the décor is designed to build a relaxing and warm environment. Light wood, refined design and a large window overlooking the Apennine wilderness. Every day you will be served snacks and drinks from the nearby Oasi Dynamo farm, an example of a model of sustainable use of resources. And for your meals you can choose between two restaurants: Le Felci, with a refined proposal of menus made with raw materials in compliance with the standards of haute cuisine, and Casa Luigi, next to the agricultural area, where you can taste genuine dishes surrounded by a warm rustic atmosphere.

Ecoturism: a holistic vision

A stay at Oasy hotelis made up of many different moments linked by a single vision: everything is part of the same design, everything is arranged to get in tune with you and to take care of the environment that welcomes us. From the moment you enter, you will be able to perceive the changing energy, no external concerns enter this paradise.

Relaxation is made up of a gentle welcome and opportunities to enter into deep contact with yourself and the elements. We encourage the use of bicycles on the trails, to reduce the use of cars and preserve the authentic silence we find at 1100 metres altitude. By bike or on foot you can move between the facilities, reach the restaurants, the spa and the common areas, and the places where the proposed outdoor activities start..

You will choose how to shape your stay according to your feelings. Our Concierge will be waiting for you on arrival to welcome you to your lodge, show you the amenities and services of Oasy hotel and understand your relaxation needs. He will provide you with information on the possible experiences during your holiday, on which are the best moments to experience to find the dimension you are looking for. We have put together a diversified proposal to give everyone the chance to find the perfect setting of tranquillity and carefreeness.

Responsible tourism: choose naturally

Behind Oasy hotel there is a fertile land, a field of ideas and visions, a set of energies that move silently and deeply to build an alternative reality capable of giving relaxation to guests and well-being to the planet. Every gesture we make is motivated by this highest interest. You will be welcomed by the embrace of the woods and the care of our staff, and during your holiday you will find a dimension of total well-being: it will be like being at home, in the comfort of an uncontaminated environment.
In order to be able to fully perceive this feeling, we have thought of arranging every service and every activity in accordance with the principles of ecotourism. The lodges are heated by radiant flooring, fuelled by wood from the surrounding forests, for which one tree is planted for every one felled. The products with which the restaurants’ kitchens are supplied come from the area’s sustainably managed agriculture, which focuses on growing raspberries, strawberries and wild strawberries, giant blueberries and other berries that are made into delicious preserves or intended for fresh consumption. Other important crops are cereals, spelt and several varieties of ancient grains. Potatoes and chestnuts, from which an excellent flour is made, are further products of an agricultural ecosystem strongly linked to the mountains. Limousine cattle graze on these lands, bred by the farm for the production of meat, milk and dairy products, and the pigs of Cinta Senese, an internationally renowned Tuscan excellence. A detox stay based on the values of ecotourism takes nutrition into account. We are proud to share with you the richness of this place’s resources by helping to keep them abundant and prosperous.

Come on holiday to a WWWF-affiliated reserve, breathe in the pure atmosphere and regenerate your body with the fruits and gifts of nature, while your eyes feast on the beauty of the landscape.

Eco chic hotels: the privilege of sustainable tourism
A wellness experience in a peaceful oasis in Tuscany

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