Luxury glamping in a WWF reserve

A luxury glamping surrounded by the breathtaking spectacle of nature at an altitude of one thousand metres. Based on the concept of ecotourism, Oasy hotel is the first ecohotel in a WWF-affiliated reserve where the comforts of luxuryare accompanied by the extraordinary beauty of an unspoilt environment. The lodges are an example of essential elegance in harmony with the landscape.

Stay in an exclusive eco hotel

Not only a luxury glamping but much more. We can define Oasy hotel as a paradise or as a wellness glamping, but all definitions would not be enough to convey the completeness of a highly sophisticated and sustainable proposal at the same time. Starting from the lodges where you will experience your wellness stay, you will directly experience a welcoming and precious atmosphere. The warm embrace of the wood used in the rooms is illuminated by the light that enters through the large windows that frame the surrounding hills. The essential and charming furniture adds a touch of minimal and warm design, to be enjoyed while sipping a natural drink or a genuine snack produced in the nearby a farm Oasi Dynamo.

Each lodge is 65 square metres, equipped with all the amenitisand services of a luxury hotel and far from the other structures, to fully breathe the exclusivity of a glamping in Tuscany, unique in its kind, at an altitude of one thousand metres. Here, amidst clear skies and wooded expanses, everything seems to speak the language of a restorative silence and the romantic story of union between man and the environment. Perfect for a couple looking for a private space where they can enjoy deep relaxation, or for any person or group wanting to make an escape from the stress that is so prevalent in our lives. Oasy hotel is a gift for the senses, for the body and for the mind.

An opportunity to experience the allure of glamour in a location other than the usual luxury hotels.

A naturally luxurious Oasy

The exclusive treatment of stays at Oasy hotels is etched in your memory. You will remember every moment spent contemplating the green hills, every conscious breath taken when the sunset tinges the beech woods and fields a soft red. This is the luxury we have chosen to offer you, made up of wild scents and your well-being awakened by the beneficial power of the natural elements.

To prepare this awakening in the best possible way, our Concierge will be waiting for you on arrival, after you have received your e-bike for internal transfers between the structures. You will be offered a welcome drink and during the welcome time we will listen carefully to your relaxation needs. You will receive only the most suitable service to match the mood you are looking for, to rebalance the mood with which you enter the Oasy and allow you to feel welcomed without insistence.

In addition to the time you can spend in the lodge and freely in the reserve, you will be able to experience different alternative or outdoor activities, in the most evocative locations of the thousand hectares in which the Oasy is situated. From the lake of San Vito, in which the waters lend themselves to the fluid search of the equilibrium on a SUP board or to the pleasant flow of the kayak, up to the paths in which to walk for a wild tour to the search of the wolf, uncontested protagonist of the delicate habitat of the zone.
E ovviamente, dopo l’immersione totale nella natura non c’è niente di meglio di un trattamento benessere presso la nostra Spa, per esaudire il sogno di chi fantasticava su un glamping dove wellness ed esperienza on air combaciano in perfetto equilibrio.

Ecologia per corpo e mente

I giorni da trascorrere a Oasy hotel sono quello che si può definire una vacanza detox su tutti i livelli della persona. Corpo, mente e spirito riconoscono il potenziale di grande benessere che proviene dall’ambientazione e dalla cura nel servizio.

La parola ecologia indica lo studio delle relazioni tra l’ambiente e chi lo abita, ma è anche un’idea che attraversa ogni gesto e ogni azione svolta per valorizzare la vita nelle sue forme autentiche: boschi, fauna selvatica, acque calme e visitatori ispirati da tanta bellezza. Ogni elemento contribuisce a questo cerchio perfetto. L’obiettivo di Oasy Hotel è di mantenerlo sempre in crescita, valorizzandone la prosperità integrando le sue risorse nel disegno di un turismo virtuoso. Per questo abbracciamo una missione più profonda e complessa, ed è quella che vogliamo farti conoscere e sperimentare sulla tua pelle. Vivi il privilegio di viaggiare in sinergia con il luogo che ti ospita, lasciati viziare dalle coccole dei nostri trattamenti, dal cibo genuino, da ogni opportunità che abbiamo scelto di offrirti per farti conoscere l’affascinante gioia di una vacanza sostenibile.

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