Eco chic hotels: the privilege of sustainable tourism

Live your holiday in an oasis, where respect for the environment blends with attention to every stylish detail. The lodges of Oasy Hotel, designed to harmonise with the habitat and the surrounding area, are an embrace of hospitality that infuses the warmth of refined design. Some have called it an eco chic hotel, we believe we have made a dream of well-being possible, for you and for the planet.

The lodges: much more than a sustainable hotel

The eighteen eco lodges are the result of careful planning that respects nature and your needs. You will have the privilege of sleeping in the woods of the first one inside a WWF-affiliated oasis in Italy. The spacious 64 square metres of each lodge are designed to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere, thanks to the charm and design enhanced by the glass windows that create a constant connection with the landscape. 

All the comforts and amenities of a luxury hotel featurethe rooms. The lodges have beautiful bedrooms, a lounge with a table and sofa bed, a bar area with products from the local farm, a cloakroom and a veranda with two armchairs. Impeccable quality materials marry a vision of hospitality that confirms Oasy Hotel’s commitment to sustainable elegance. If you’re looking for an eco chic hotel atmosphere, you’ll find something more here: a vision of hospitality that blends in total harmony with the site.

During the cold season the rooms are heated by the innovative radiant floor heating system, supplied with wood from the surrounding woods, for which a tree is planted for every tree used.

The veranda in which to stay at any time of the day, to enjoy the cool mornings or a quiet afternoon, overlooks the thousand hectares of the Apennine territory. The town of San Marcello Piteglio in Tuscany has a long history of eco-friendly management of resources, and Oasy Hotel fits into this vision of coexistence between human activities and conservation of the natural area. Our guest is the protagonist of a relaxing experience that promotes and supports the ecosystem.

Hotel and sustainable tourism: a natural concept

Oasy Hotel is part of a larger project. The land that houses the facilities is integrated into a design that includes other land management realities. We are guests of a WWF-affiliated reserve and coexist with the commitment of Oasi Dynamo, an agricultural enterprise with social aims whose objective is to safeguard the territory from which the fresh and genuine ingredients for the restaurants, the services offered in the lodges and the shop come. 

You yourself will be a guest in a place that every day and at all times promotes a welcome that respects the environment. On your arrival, you will leave your car and you will be provided with an e-bike to move between the paths and the services, and to let yourself be caressed by the clear air and the best energy that emanates from the exclusive location of Oasy Hotel, at about 1100 metres of altitude.

The use of the environment for numerous recreational activities is always carried out in synergy with the aims of conservation and knowledge. The treks, horseback rides and walks to spot the local fauna are guided by experienced rangers, who are attentive to helping you perceive the context in all its wonderful and delicate complexity. You will be provided with binoculars and all the equipment you need to find your way through the woods and observe the animals: wolves, deer, roe deer and golden eagles. Numerous adventures await you, from soothing yoga to kayaking to be experienced among the colours of the lake and the hills, thanks to which you will completely regenerate and find peace and quiet. 

Sustainable hotels: a precious resource

Eco chic is the honour of staying in an unspoilt land. We welcome you in the luxury of your true home: nature. At every moment you will feel pampered by the spontaneous quality of time lived in total connection with the rhythms and elements of nature. Well-being is in every step you take on the trails, or in the Spa, which will soon open its doors to offer the most relaxing treatments, suitable for every need.

To confirm our commitment to being a green hotel we espouse a commitment to reduce and recycle and invite guests to do the same; we will kindly ask you to turn off the lights when you are not staying indoors and to limit water consumption where possible. During meals, water is served in jugs, and the catering services work carefully to transform fresh raw materials from the fields of Oasi Dynamo into menus that reflect the culinary traditions of this part of Tuscany. 

For transportation within the area we try to avoid the circulation of individual vehicles, we use an electric car to allow you to reach the Oasy facilities, but we encourage the use of the available e-bikes, with which you can freely move around the breathtaking trails and go to your lodge or to the common areas.

During your stay you will discover the philosophy behind the entire project and every moment will be a good opportunity to indulge your senses with the standards of the best sustainable tourism.

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

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