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A hotel for quality sustainable tourism in the Tuscan Apennines: Oasy Hotel in Nature is a project that combines exclusivity and environmental conservation in the elegance of nature. Experience your holiday in a WWF-affiliated reserve, a paradise for the senses.

A reserve of beauty

The highest standards of luxury eco-hotels give you the exceptional opportunity to regenerate in a unique setting. Oasy Hotel is designed to help you experience moments of relaxation and wellbeing in contact with the enchanting landscape of the woods and authentic elements that surround the eco lodges and facilities. Oasy Hotel is a luxury eco hotel.

The vision that makes this harmony between luxury and environmental protection possible is underpinned by the values of responsible tourism, an approach that animates every initiative and every detail of your stay. All activities are carried out in total harmony with the naturalistic management with which the WWF’s mission has always been distinguished.

In support of modern forms of ecosystem conservation, the catering, services and activities are promoted with full attention to the habitat in which you will be welcomed.

The taste of true well-being

In order to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated and ecologically aware demand, Oasy Hotel in Nature has committed itself with dedication to identifying the most virtuous supply chain. During your holiday you will savour the genuine and fresh taste of products grown with love on the same hillside, at the Oasi Dynamo farm, which has always been considered nationally as an excellence in sustainable food production.

The two restaurants within the hotel, as well as being striking locations, offer menus and dishes cooked with refinement and taste by expert chefs. The Le Felci restaurant is a refined wooden room with designer furnishings, located near the lodges, while Casa Luigi is located directly in the agricultural area, and is a stone farmhouse with a beautiful portico overlooking the hills. Every day, both offer food prepared with quality ingredients at km 0, and promote food that tells a story of tradition and respect for the land.

Fruit from the fields, yoghurt, milk and cheese from the animals reared on these hills, bread and cakes made at home and taken out of the oven every day, release the aroma of nourishment that restores body and soul..

Sustainable tourism

Oasy Hotel wants to make you feel at home, experiencing the profound state of wellbeing that comes from being connected to the rhythms of nature. By simply fulfilling your holiday dream, you will be helping to keep alive the mission of growing sustainable hotels to promote hospitality as a source of environmental and social development. Our aim is to raise awareness of responsible tourism, sustainable agriculture and healthy, accessible food.

Our staff comes from the local area, and is properly trained and placed in the furrow of the most exclusive receptive proposal. We are committed to creating new potential and innovative skills for the area that hosts us.

The reality to which Oasy Hotel belongs is not only an enchanting landscape, but an area in the heart of Tuscany in which the Dynamo Foundation has chosen to support the design and development of businesses that tackle social problems, favouring new employment. Also the farm Oasi Dynamo and the Dynamo Camp, the first camp of Recreational Therapy in Italy, are part of this reality making this glimpse of the Apennines a virtuous place inspired by great values.

Our philosophy

In the Oasis, we feel privileged to work in close contact with nature. We are protected by an unspoilt environment and our ultimate aim is to be able to share it with you in the best possible way, providing you with the services and activities you desire and gently attending to your holiday needs.
L’interazione tra te e il nostro staff vuole non avere barriere. Ascoltiamo con empatia il tuo mood e ti proponiamo una vasta gamma di attività rigeneranti: gite a cavallo, mountain bike, trekking, Nordic Walking, foliage, kayak, orienteering, forest therapy, trattamenti benessere… Oppure puoi trascorrere il tuo tempo in totale autonomia, all’interno degli eco-lodge o delle aree comuni, gustando il lusso di un’eleganza essenziale e autentica.

Per noi il lusso è un’energia sottile che arricchisce l’atmosfera, non è fatto soltanto di bellezza materiale ma di silenzio, esclusività, empatia, spazi aperti, cibo salutare e tempo per sé stessi. Ed è quello da cui lasceremo che tu venga circondato in ogni momento del tuo soggiorno a Oasy Hotel.

Ciò che rende speciale Oasy è la filosofia che contraddistingue i più rinomati hotel ecologici: un’atmosfera olistica che pervade ogni proposta, un abbraccio che cerca di raggiungere l’equilibrio tra uomo e natura e un totale stato di pace per corpo, mente e cuore.

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