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Travel and Leisure

April 2023, USA: Tuscany’s Wild Side

by Sarah Moss

Forget vineyards, cypress trees, and Renaissance towns—a new, environmentally conscious lodge offers a more rugged take on the much-loved region.
My son Felix and I slept with the windows open, so I was woken by birdsong. The sun was just coming over the mountain, the wooded hills were flooded with golden light, and the land was alive with insects and birds…


Travel and Leisure

April 2023, USA: The 16 Most Awe-inspiring New Nature Resorts of 2023

by Travel + Leisure Editors

Usually when luxury hotels make a claim of “simplicity,” they don’t mean anything most of us would recognize. But the Oasyhotel is different. The property consists of a group of wooden lodges on a hill above an old stone building. The restaurant offers a brief menu of extraordinary food from within a few miles, served on wooden tables on a bare flagged floor…


Condé Nast Traveller Family Guide

April 2023, UK: The best family holidays 2023 

by Lydia Bell

There will bewolves, was all the incentive needed to stir enthusiasm in myperma-wired boys, aged 10and 13, for a few nights at Oasyhotel, a new
collection or sixteen scandinavian-insdired wooden lodges perched 3,600feet up a mountain in the tuscan Apennines. As we sat around a campfire on our first evening, mesmerised by the crystal-clear sky, the wolves felt tantalisingly close, even fi seeing these elusive animals in daylight is rare. Wolves spotted: zero, but the deep nature immersion had a magnetic pul regardless…



November 2022, US: Oasyhotel: 10 Things To Know About The Oasyhotel In Tuscany

by Felicity Carter

Nestled in San Marcello Piteglio’s wild WWF-affiliated Oasi Dynamo nature reserve is the family-owned, privately run Oasyhotel — a forward-thinking and nature-immersive wilderness retreat in Tuscany, Italy. Set in over 1,000 hectares of land, the terrain includes wild forest, farmland, lakes and rivers, and Oasyhotel fully embraces its location…


The Times 

October 2022, UK: Oasyhotel: Tuscany’s new safari-style lodge where you can see wolves

by Lisa Grainger

It’s the last weekend in September and in the cold, clear mountain air, I hear the unmistakable sound of a gunshot, and soon after a second. To my untrained ear, they sound a way off, the other side of a steep valley in the thickly forested Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. But they’re close enough to make me slam on the brakes of my electric bike and look around…


Robb Report 

September 2022, UK: Italian Safari? This New Eco-Conscious Lodge Aims to Immerse You in the Tuscan Wilderness 

by Paul Feinstein

It’s just past 7 a.m. and our nature guide, Giulia Ghinassi, is pointing out fresh roe deer and wild boar hoof prints in the thick mud beside the trail. Crisp mountain air fills our lungs as sweeping oak, beech and chestnut trees shade us from the rising sun. We carry on hiking through the thicket and spy another print, this one a giant paw.


Condé Nast Traveller 

September 2022, UK: From forest hideaways to solar-powered stays, these hotels are at the forefront of sustainability

by Editorial board

More than ever hotels are developing innovative ways to move tourism towards a more sustainable future. Eco-friendly hotels are cropping up globally and challenging travellers to be more thoughtful and responsible when choosing where to stay and how to spend their money.


Country & Town House

September 2022, UK: Ecotourism spots to visit in Europe

by Olivia Emily
Though we often hear most about incredible rainforest restoration efforts in far-flung places, when it comes to ecotourism, Europe also takes things very seriously. The European Commission, for example, has its European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) initiative, awarding small cities and countries for their sustainable tourism regeneration efforts.



James Magazine

September 2022, IT: Oasyhotel, inclusion and conservation

by Francesca Lauri
Traveling to breathe, get out of the all-encompassing digital sphere and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a destination that knows how to open up to others with generosity, among ancient trees and protected animals, including wolves and deer. Living the here and now, where time expands, you explore forgotten emotions from the first light of the morning …



National Geographic

August 2022, US:The Hotel Awards: the world’s 42 best hotels in 2022

by Editorial board
We’ve searched the globe for the very best new hotel openings, from an ancient fort restored to its former glory to an inner-city retreat glistening with glamour. […] Be it a wilderness camp or an inner-city nest, these hotels stand out for their commitment to environment, community or conservation.



The Telegraph

August 2022, US: Why travellers across Europe are swapping five-star hotels for fancy farms

Forget sleeping in a barn – this Italian-born concept has evolved to seriously swish new heights. Here’s how to get in on it.

Picture the scene. Your day begins with a leisurely breakfast of freshly laid eggs as you gaze out over bloom-filled gardens and pastoral scenes of grazing animals…


The Times Online

July 2022, US: 25 spectacular European national park stays 

by James Stewart

Immerse yourself in nature with these hotels, cottages and villas in some of the wildest reserves. Green health, the experts call it — the way that spending time in nature can lower cortisol levels, reducing anxiety and blood pressure while boosting the immune system and mental health.


Country & Town House

June 2022, US: Autumn Holiday ideas to book now

by Olivia Emily

You might be scared to admit it amid the summer months, but it’s OK to miss autumn. Crunchy leaves, woolly jumpers, a crisp bite in the air: it’s a wonderful time of the year. If you’re looking for an autumn holiday, then here are some ideas…


Country & Town House

June 2022, US: The Best Hotels in Tuscany

by Felicity Carter

Tuscany, a region in central Italy known and loved for its rugged landscape, rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards is a favourite getaway for many. Full of romance, history and charm, here are some of the best hotels to book – from grand castles and nature reserves to an ancient inn.


Financial Times

June 2022, US: The wild woods of Tuscany

by Oliver Smith
Oasyhotel, a new collection of lodges on a WWF reserve, is only 40 miles from Florence but offers deep immersion in forests where wolves still roam. […] The Divine Comedy charts Dante’s journey through the afterlife — from the hellish dungeons of the Inferno where damned souls writhe, to the celestial heights of the Paradiso. It is a poem of metaphysical dimensions.



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