Nature experiences: adventure and relaxation in a WWF Oasis

Oasy Hotel opens up a world of tranquillity and pleasant adventures in contact with the territory of a WWF-affiliated reserve in the heart of Tuscany. In the midst of sumptuous forests and an ecosystem rich in diversity, you will stay in an eco-lodge in full connection with the environment.

New ways to travel

The philosophy that inspires Oasy Hotel’s accommodation proposal tends towards ecology and total respect for the balance between man and nature, without renouncing comfort and essential elegance. From the first moment you cross the threshold you will feel that you have arrived in a great little paradise where your need to relax is fulfilled by a combination of natural details and the commitment of our staff.

Leave your car at the entrance to the reserve. You will be guided around the area in an exclusive vehicle and will be given an e-bike on arrival. Each individual trip can be made with a low environmental footprint, for the protection of the ecosystem that hosts us. This new way of travelling instils in the visitor a feeling of extreme wellbeing, diffused by the beneficial power of the landscape and the attention to the luxurious details that the project aims to maintain to the highest expectations.

Tranquillity and relaxation are sensations that pervade the entire duration of the stay, enriched by extraordinary possibilities to live alternative experiences.

Yoga and meditation: breathe peace

Travel is a possibility for the body and the mind. Entering Oasy Hotel both dimensions are cleansed of stress and naturally regenerated. Among the experiences in nature, ideal for restoring well-being on every level, yoga and meditation are also part of the proposal we offer.

At the top of a hill caressed by the sun from dawn to dusk, it is possible to stop and breathe in a present moment full of stillness, practising either individually or in small groups, with trained instructors. The breath slows down, the energy flows, the pleasant breeze brushes the body and all around the ecosystem participates in a great opportunity for mindfullness.

Focus and find calm

In deep contact with the wild you learn to move through forests, fields and pastures, where no road sign allows you to know exactly where you are. Experience the thrill of finding yourself and recognising your position in space by learning the secrets of orienteering. In the open air, using a map and compass, you will awaken your instincts in total synergy with the trails, without ever getting lost and in the company of our expert guides. Abandon the main trails and enter the forest, you will be able to find the right path and savour the taste of an adventure that confirms your spontaneous orientation skills..

The activities proposed by Oasy Hotelare suitable for everyone, even those who have never practised outdoor sports or held a map in their hands. The magic of these places is that they offer continuous opportunities for discovery, after which you can enjoy a healthy and quiet relaxation in the exclusive lodges.

Forest Therapy

The surrounding area, one of the most evocative areas of Tuscany, adds to the full range of alternative experiences other opportunities for knowledge and extraordinary emotions. Not far from the Oasy Hotel site there is a zip line to glide through nature like a bird, and also a suspended Tibetan bridge. You can experience the thrill of heights while feeling alive and full of energy. But it is above all the forests that are silent and majestic protagonists and that make the views that frame this area of the region unique. 
The most indelible memory each guest takes home is feeling at home in this paradise. The activities carried out are an opportunity for recreation, but also for getting to know the local history and memories of the place, through the stories that our guides know and are ready to tell if you wish. Step by step, day by day, you will rediscover well-being with the good food served in the restaurants and the thoughtful attention of the Concierge and all the staff, and you will leave Oasy Hotel with the vivid impression of having experienced new ways of travelling: more authentic, more real, essential but precious.

Air, water and other elements

All elements play a fundamental role in keeping this ecosystem alive. Oasy Hotel is an additional element and you, the guest, are the energy that can make the difference. That is why your well-being is so important to us. We can suggest many alternative activities in nature, but the ultimate goal of our dedication is to enrich your time during your stay with peace and tranquillity and all the emotions you seek.

A sustainable experience in an eco-friendly hotel
Luxury glamping in a WWF reserve

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