Man & Nature

Oasyhotel is a new reality in the world of hospitality.
Based on values of environmental sustainability, we are committed to the conservation of natural areas, supporting their protection and promoting their enhancement.

Oasy plans to open several accommodation facilities in Italy, within WWF-affiliated natural parks; places with exclusive and authentic atmospheres, where guests can enjoy all the benefits of nature.

The first is located in Tuscany, at the Dynamo Oasis Nature Reserve. In an area of 1,000 hectares, Man and Nature coexist in total harmony, fostering a unique and regenerating experience.

A shuttle service will take you 25 minutes inside the Oasis to your final destination and the Lodge.


Nature Hotel

Immersed in stunning natural surrounds, our guests’ bed down in incredible luxury lodges. The Oasy boasts 16 beautifully built, 65sqm lodges with all the trappings you would expect of a luxury hotel.

Oasy has two haute-cuisine restaurants, charming recreational areas, relaxation and wellness centres, a small cinema and above all, an atmosphere in which guests feel truly at home, in a simple yet sophisticated, authentic and comfortable environment.

The Nature Reserve

Situated in the beating heart of Tuscany, in San Marcello Piteglio, Oasi Dynamo Nature Reserve climbs up to 1,100 meters high. A former hunting reserve, today it is a model of environmental sustainability and social responsibility on a national level.

A predominantly wooded area, home to pristine flora and fauna, it is a sanctuary for rare plant species and home to a great variety of animals, including wolves and deer.


the Experience

Spending time in a real oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, guests can recharge through exploration, adventure and it is our philosophy that well-being starts with experiences in total harmony with nature.

Our expert staff are on hand to offer a whole host of activities from kayaking and paddle-boarding on the private lake, to horse riding in the vast prairies; adventurous e-bike cycling to orienteering; from Nordic walking to yoga sessions at the top of the mountains. Guests can also experience the restorative benefits of forest therapy, bird watching, safaris and so much more.



Within the agricultural profile of Oasi Dynamo Nature Reserve, guests can deepen their knowledge of organic crops and organic farming. Through such activities, customers will be able to enjoy the unique flavours of the territory.
Here in Oasy, breakfasts, lunches and dinners are a celebration of local cuisine, so local in fact that everything is grown within a kilometre of our front door!


Oasyhotel is located in the heart of Tuscany, Limestre, in the province of Pistoia.
The oasis is easily accessible from local train stations and airports in the region. It also has good road networks and from Pisa and Florence, it’s just an hour’s drive away.

After arriving in Limestre, a shuttle service will take you 25 minutes inside the Oasis to your final destination and the Lodge.


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