Horse riding

A special opportunity to cross some of the hidden paths in the heart of the Oasis and to discover breathtaking views.
The bond that is created at every step with the animal, will give you a unique emotion by letting you feel one of the most beautiful ways to discover a territory.
Riding our horses, you will savor the beauty of moving slowly through the woods.

The activity

The activity includes initial training to make everyone familiar with horses and to explain some basic rules of horse riding.
Then accompanied by our instructors, we will leave the stables to venture along the paths of the Oasis. The length and difficulty of the proposed itineraries will be defined from time to time on the basis of the safety level of each individual customer.


Price per person
€260 (1 guest)
€150 (2+ guests)

Practical info

What to bring:
Sportswear suitable for the season. Not too loose long trousers are required. Sweatshirt. High shoes with smooth sole. Waterproof. Backpack.

What we provide:
We put at your disposal all the material you need to carry out the activity in total safety (back turtle and helmet).


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