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Are you ready to experience the mountains in a different and fun way, along the “blue path” of Oasi Dynamo?
In the heart of the Oasis is Lake San Vito, an artificial basin with incredibly blue water. What better opportunity to enjoy a few hours of sport in the midst of the silence of nature, experiencing the thrill of sliding on the water aboard a kayak or on a paddle board?
A healthy, relaxing and suitable for everyone. Thanks to its calm waters, lake San Vito is perfect for approaching these sports and putting balance and endurance to the test.
Our staff is waiting for you to accompany you on the adventure.

The activity

After a short walk, we will reach Lake San Vito.
The adventure begins with a briefing of about 10 minutes held by one of our rescue instructors who will explain the rules of the activities, how to use the equipment and how to prepare yourself. After the briefing we will proceed with the dressing and you will be provided with the necessary material to carry out the activities, starting from the kayak. A little warm-up to loosen the arm muscles and you will be ready to start!


If you have never tried kayaking, this is the place to start. A sport suitable for everyone that will allow you to explore every corner of the lake or follow a path between the buoys until you reach the deepest point, immersed in the silence of nature interrupted only by the sliding of the canoe on the water.

You will learn to paddle and move and then relax for a few minutes in the middle of the lake before returning to shore.


A new sport that will allow you to test your balance and explore the lake while standing on the board and paddling on flat waters. If the board will allow you to slide on the water, the paddle is the real star of this discipline and will give you the opportunity to move in any direction, helping you to maintain balance and harmony.
Ready to use every muscle of your body and regulate your breathing so you don’t risk falling into the water?
After a brief explanation on shore on how to use the paddle, we will do some balance tests directly on the board to gain more confidence before leaving then for the deeper waters.

Useful info

How to dress:
Sportswear suitable for the season. If cold, not too loose long trousers are required. Sweatshirt. Trekking shoes or trainers but with non-smooth soles. Waterproof. Costume. Change of clothes.

More Useful info

What we provide:
We provide you with all the material you need to carry out the activity in total safety (Kayak, paddleboard, life jacket, non-slip shoes, towel). Cabins are also set up near the lake to change if necessary.


Oasi Dynamo provides participants with all the safety devices necessary for carrying out the activities. The technical staff is qualified and trained for the activities and in possession of the “lifeguard” license.
During the activities and transfers, participants will be accompanied by the staff and supported for every need.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult who participates in the activity and who will be the contact person. (Minimum age: 6).


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