Oasyhotel is a hospitality project, born within the Oasi Dynamo Nature Reserve.
The company deals with managing and conserving the biodiversity of the WWF affiliated oasis in Limestre, through agriculture, breeding and scientific research. The food produced on site is served to Oasy Hotel guests, in a direct transition from farmer to consumer.
The next Oasy structures will all have the same concept of agricultural sustainability.


Within Dynamo, the Oasy project is proud to have WWF Oasi Italia as a partner. Oasy brand accommodation facilities are all situated in WWF affiliated protected areas.

WWF Oasi and Dynamo are both engaged in complementary areas of social responsibility, having in common a passion for environmental conservation, an experiential educational approach, a not-for-profit outlook and a national dimension.

Our mission at the Dynamo Foundation is to support the design and development of organisations with a social purpose, such as education, health, social enterprise and the environment, thus promoting new employment.

Our projects include; Oasi Dynamo, Dynamo Academy and Dynamo Camp.


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