Stay in WWF nature reserves

Every day we participate in the commitment and values of environmental protection that distinguish this part of Tuscany. Until now it was not possible to experience a stay in the nature reserves, now this opportunity becomes real and is enriched by the standards of tourism excellence. Relax in the hospitality of the Oasy Hotel, in the middle of a WWF-affiliated reserve, where the wonder of the wooded and hilly scenery blends with the tranquillity of sustainable elegance.

The time of natural peace

A luxury holiday at Oasy Hotel has a special energy, which circulates in the fresh air of the thousand-metre altitude and permeates every wooden plank in the lodges, every stone on the path. Inhale and exhale, the perfect opportunity has arrived to experience stays in the natural parks without renouncing the exclusivity of a luxury treatment..

Here you will be welcomed with care by our staff and from the first moment we will strive to build for you moments and services aimed at your relaxation, in a silent and peaceful context, where the crowd and the noise of the daily routine are only a distant memory hidden behind the green hills that protect the Oasy area.

From day one we listen to your needs, and are on hand to provide you with precise indications of the relaxation options available within the facilities. From high-level catering to wellness treatments at the Spa, from outdoor activities to visits to the surrounding area. Every moment is designed to release the maximum potential for relaxation, absorbing the beneficial energy of nature and returning it thanks to the contribution of the staff, rangers and professionals who guide the proposals.

Our ultimate goal is your well-being, a well-being that can be enriched by a holistic vision of holidays in nature reserves. Moment by moment, in this paradise, you will find a dimension of tranquillity provided by the connection with your surroundings and the deep empathy with which you are welcomed. Feel the freedom and carefreeness you desire finally at your disposal.

A weekend in the nature reserves

The magic formula for relaxation is hidden in the paths that climb up through the beech forests, among the reflections of the sun on the waters of Lake San Vito, on the hilltop where you can greet the sun in contemplation. Experience this enchantment by choosing to stay at Oasy Hotel, and you will discover an immense secret: nature is a dimension of discovery and deep regeneration of mind, body and spirit. Every service we offer within the facilities is dictated by the intention of being part of a perfect circle, in which every element contributes to the balance. And you are part of that balance. Riding our horses for a walk through the trails, or at the table savouring the exquisite haute cuisine dishes made from the products of the fields around here, at any time you can connect with the fullness of a life that respects the natural rhythms.

You will be our guest and the privileged host of your true home: nature. The lodges in which you will stay reproduce the essential and peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding environment. The exposed wood, which harmonises with the design details, embellishes the bedroom and the common area. Every corner is a spectacle, but above all the terrace overlooking the slopes of the nearby mountains is the emblem of a space in which the continuity between inside and outside gives a vital feeling of refinement.

Oasy WWF & Oasy hotel

Oasy hotel ha come partner WWF Oasi Italia. Si tratta di un progetto innovativo, unico ed esclusivo che farà da apripista ad altri progetti analoghi sul territorio italiano, in altre regioni e riserve di straordinaria bellezza. Scegliere di trascorrere una vacanza nella riserva naturale significa essere tra i primi a poter sperimentare una nuova visione di turismo. Le giornate che regalano relax ed emozioni positive sono un regalo che tu stesso fai alla riserva, facendo crescere l’attenzione che merita e contribuendo allo sviluppo di un sistema virtuoso grazie al quale questo territorio si mantiene.

Vivi intensi momenti nella natura, abbraccia la nostra filosofia di fondo e diventa promotore di una sensibilità capace di restituire all’ambiente la gratitudine per tutto ciò che ci regala. Le attività outdoor svolte presso Oasy Hotel sono proposte e guidate da ranger esperti e da staff formato per l’accompagnamento di singoli e gruppi in contesti naturali, e grazie a loro potrai scoprire di più sul delicato e complesso ecosistema di quest’area appenninica. A termine dei tour, dello sport o delle passeggiate potrai godere di trattamenti rilassati nell’area wellness, dove la professionalità di abili mani trasforma le essenze naturali in una cura olistica per corpo e mente. Tutte le dimensioni del tuo essere e dell’esperienza a Oasy Hotel sono parte di un cerchio perfetto che racchiude il senso della parola ecoturismo.

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