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Nature is the master of harmony. Oasy Hotel is an opportunity to experience the benefits of a detox holiday in depth, surrounded by an atmosphere that leads to a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Here, in the breathtaking landscape of the Tuscan Apennines, at an altitude of over a thousand metres, you will come into contact with an authentic and wild environment, where you can breathe true relaxation.

Detox days: nourishing well-being

Oasy Hotel is located within a WWF-affiliated protected area: a context that embraces a vision of sustainability and connection with the resources of the surrounding area. 

The 1,000 hectares that frame the 18 eco lodges are protected and managed with an intent to preserve and respect the environment. This respect is transformed into unspoilt nature and energy. 

At the entrance to the WWF reserve you can park your car and you will be accompanied to the Oasy Hotel, where you will receive an e-bike to circulate within the area during your stay. You will be able to experience the pleasure of moving freely in contact with the natural elements and be in tune with the aim of reducing the environmental impact in this oasis of peace. From the moment you arrive, the staff will welcome you with an invitation to leave your external concerns behind and allow yourself to be pampered by the privilege of a detox holiday.

At Oasy Hotel, everything is about empathy, not only with the environment, but also in the relationships between people. The Concierge welcomes visitors to the lodge to offer them a drink and listen to everyone’s personal needs. By entering into synergy and perceiving the needs for wellbeing, our staff will be able to build a stay that becomes nourishment for everyone, in a virtuous circle of mutual care between man and the environment.

Wellbeing holiday: food for the soul

The territory in which Oasy Hotel is located coincides with the lands of Oasi Dynamo: a WWF-affiliated protection oasis created in 2006 from the recovery of an old hunting reserve in the Pistoia Apennines. From this land rich in history and tradition comes the proposal for detox holidays, in which the intention to offer maximum comfort and excellence meets the scents and flavours of a culture closely linked to biodiversity and natural agriculture..

Starting with breakfast, passing through lunch and coffee breaks, and ending with dinner, the proposals of Oasy Hotel bring you closer to the taste of a high level culinary offer, created by qualified chefs who in the kitchen transform seasonal ingredients and products into genuine dishes, served in the evocative settings of the two restaurants.

The Le Felci restaurant, a charming stone farmhouse, offers refined dishes according to the highest standards of catering; while the Casa Luigi restaurant, near the agricultural area, is more casual and rustic. A detox holiday is also about what you eat. We have an essential objective: to offer you the taste of a tradition that nourishes the soul. 

Nature: the beauty of the elements

Air, water, earth, on the paths and among the spaces of Oasy Hotel the breath of a living nature moves. A real detox holiday that gives you a regenerating experience, where only the strength and balance of the elements can give the right positive charge. In every season the spectacle unfolds, with the colours of autumn foliage in the surrounding woods and the shining of the stars on clear summer nights. Immersed in all this splendour, you can enjoy activities that enliven body and spirit: yoga and meditation on the hillside, where the sunset becomes a celebration of the beneficial power of the environment,forest therapy, wildlife watching during trekking and Nordic walking that touch on the wonder of an intact and delicate ecosystem. 
The staff of Oasy Hotel, in full empathy, will evaluate the best ways to shape the proposal, suggesting the ideal activities to regain vigour, joy, tranquillity and that pinch of cheerfulness that characterises unforgettable moments. Riding a horse during a walk in the wild woods, or floating on a kayak in the blue lake of the oasis, every moment is an opportunity to live the full potential of nature.

The slow rhythm of relaxation

Guests stay in beautifully designed lodges with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking an enchanting landscape. Each lodge is equipped with all the comforts you would expect from a welcome where luxury and sophistication are in synergy with the environment. Large windows, wooden interiors and stylish furnishings.

Entertainment and relaxation are in constant connection with the habitat and the breath of the place. Charming recreational areas are always at your disposal: a small cinema and a library, and soon a spa add precious details to a refined and authentic context and make the experience memorable. Detox stays come to life from a need for renewal, for a break from the hustle and bustle. Oasy Hotel is a paradise for the senses that awaken to rediscover their deepest dimension, thanks to a lush land and the heart of those who make hospitality a simple and natural luxury..

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