A sustainable experience in an eco-friendly hotel

Our heart is green. Our mind is blue like the sky and the lake. Our lodges are made of wood. You are about to have a sustainable experience that will stay with you forever. Inside a WWWF-affiliated reserve, Oasy Hotel is the perfect place to find peace and relaxation surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Apennine forests.

Sustainable tourism is life

If you are looking for a place where you can go on an environmentally sustainable holiday without giving up the comforts of a luxury hotel, you have found the paradise you are looking for. We are a hotel inspired by an ecological vision, a unique space of high level hospitality in respect of environmental conservation criteria. We are an oasis of tranquillity from the hectic pace of life and all around these woods tell of our greatest desire: to give you moments of authentic connection with nature and with yourself.

The one thousand hectares in which the lodges and facilities are located are part of an area that has historically been protected and virtuously managed, with agricultural and social enterprises that make full use of the area’s resources and pursue a goal of sustainable development. Our welcome also embraces this vision of commitment, including the attention paid to you, our guest and an integral part of a special design.

For you there are activities designed to make you feel at ease at all times, carried out in great synergy with the natural and seasonal rhythms. During the spring and autumn our rangers will accompany you on the trail of the local wildlife.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a wolf? Try following its tracks through the shades of the forest and you will discover a new world. We try to build unique moments, shaped to meet your needs. In summer, you can have fun balancing on a board from SUP or kayaking, in the cool waters of Lake San Vito, inside the Oasy.

A long list of outdoor activities are our aim to offer the best way to get in touch with the wonders of the surroundings, with which our facilities harmonise, from the stone restaurant to the relaxation area, from the lodge to the spa, passing through the private lake.

The history of the area

For a sustainable experience to be truly sustainable, it must be carried out in places capable of giving back the resources they use and of virtuously managing all aspects of the ecosystem. Oasy hotel remains faithful to its deepest intent: to offer luxury in its authentic natural splendour, without interfering with animal and plant life. On the contrary, it builds a model of hospitality that increases the chances of preserving it. Man is also part of the circle of nature and every guest who enters Oasy feels the importance he plays in maintaining the delicate balance he encounters.

A balance built over time, resulting from an incredible redevelopment of the area that began in the last century and is still sustained today. The roads, forests and buildings in this part of the Tuscan Apennineshave traditionally been used for careful and sustainable agriculture and social enterprises. The local production of cereals, potatoes, strawberries, blueberries and walnuts is only a small example of a wide variety of products from natural agriculture with which the dishes in our restaurants and the snacks offered will be prepared. Oasy Hotel benefits from the contribution of Oasi Dynamo, the neighbouring farm, thanks to which it guarantees a healthy, fresh and genuine cuisine.

Luxury eco-friendly travel

Eco-friendly trips are not all the same. The ones we welcome and promote at Oasy Hotelare exclusive. In addition to being the first eco hotel inside a WWF reserve, we are driven by a more unique than rare intent: to manage every aspect in total connection with respect for the environment. The use of cars within the area is replaced by the use of e-bikes, the separate collection of rubbish is constantly carried out for all the hotel services, the heating inside the lodge is managed through the use of wood that comes from the surrounding woods and for which a tree is planted for every tree used.

The Oasy is a place where everything speaks of a total well-being that contemplates all the elements: from air to water. For us, this is luxury: to allow oneself to be part of a paradise that has the colours of a clear sky and hills with wide horizons that we want to keep intact in their beauty.

This is why we have equipped the lodges with a large window and a terrace, because we want you to be able to look out at any moment and admire all this and breathe in a regenerating experience for all the dimensions of your being.

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism
Nature experiences: adventure and relaxation in a WWF Oasis

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